Glycol Concentration: How It Changes In Your Hydronic Systems Over Time video thumbnail

Glycol Concentration: How It Changes In Your Hydronic Systems Over Time

Ted Proctor Glycol & Water Quality, Service Tip of the Month


In this Service Tip of the Month, Ted Proctor from R.L. Deppmann shows how important it is to keep an eye on your glycol concentration.  This is important so you don’t risk freezing your pipes.

Every system leaks and even the best-designed system will leak over time.  More often than not, every system has a water make-up or a pre-mixed solution of glycol and water installed when it is piped.  If this make-up container runs out the pre-mixed glycol solution, the make-up will be 100% water which results in your glycol solution becoming diluted. The more dilution that takes place, the higher the risk of your pipes freezing in low-temperature conditions.

The video below is a dramatization of how easy it is for a system to become diluted.

Test your glycol annually as part of your general preventive maintenance process to avoid problems!  

Below is a graph of glycol percentages and freezing points. This graph shows another reason that proper amounts of glycol need to be in a system – so that it operates as it was originally designed.

Water and Ethylene Glycol Graph

It is best to have a professional such as the R.L. Deppmann Company test your glycol concentrations. For more information on testing and glycol installation, contact an R. L. Deppmann representative to learn how we can help.